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You surely can skip the morning breakfast but, definitely not the eye makeup. And of course, why not? Eyes add value to our facial aesthetics and without a proper makeup, these look dull and sleepy. So, every time you go out, makeup has to be “on”.

permanent cosmetic eyeliners

permanent cosmetic eyeliners

However, if at points, there is shortage of time then at other instants, you may not be naturally blessed with beautiful, captivating eyes. It is for this reason that permanent makeup treatments have gained recognition amongst masses. Out off all the procedures, it is the permanent cosmetic eyeliner that has become a sort of trend for fashionable and look conscious women, these days. It is usually done by two methods:

1. When colour is being placed in between and above the lashes for a more dramatic look

2. Lash enhancement technique for women who prefer fuller and darker lashes

No matter which treatment you resort to, the fact is that permanent or semi-permanent makeup, as it is referred to sometimes; is an amazing alternative to low value makeup products. As cosmetics often tend to react to sensitive skins so, there remains a persistent fear of allergies, rashes and burns that can really hamper the beauty of your skin.

On the contrary, if permanent cosmetic eyeliners are used, there is no more smearing or swelled eyes and you can welcome every morning with a beautiful fresh look that lasts forever. But, make sure that you have hired the right team of specialists, who can carefully meet your expectations and bless you with gorgeous eyes that you always dreamt of.


Our so hectic schedules, busy lives and long working hours leave no time to take care of our body properly. The hustle-bustle of everyday life, pollution, stress, improper eating habits and less sleeping hours snatches off skin’s radiance and glow. Since, we all are surrounded by so many responsibilities, commitments and tensions that give our skin care a back seat. This provides an opportunity to use chemical-laden cosmetics.

Since lifestyle and skin care not only to augment your looks but also how you feel about yourself and you must take care of it. Other than to lure towards costly cosmetics, there are effective beauty tips that can give you a beautiful and glowing face. Mentioned below is the guide of beauty tips that is essential to get a healthy skin. Take a look:

• Cleansing :- Daub the face with cream or rich face cleansing lotion all over the face and neck and massage it gently in an upward motion. Use cotton ball or damp tissue to clean the moisturiser.

• Exfoilating :- In this, the face scrub is being used to remove the dead skin cells that block the pores, cause acne and dull skin. This is suitable for normal and oily skin. Make sure it should be a weekly process.

• Toning :- To restore the pH level of the skin and close pores, toning helps to remove traces of dirt, make-up or residual cleaner. Dab a cotton ball into a toner and apply it to face and neck, especially near nose and neck.

• Moisturiser :- To make your skin smooth, moisturise it daily with a good quality lotion or cream as it depletes the daily wear and tear of the skin and bring back its natural softness and suppleness.

• Suncreen :- If you are in the sun for longer hours, apply good quality and high SPF sunscreen to face, neck and other areas which are exposed to sun before 15-20 minutes of stepping out of your home. This could help to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

• Face Masks :- To keep the skin nourished and moisturised you can use various masks made of fruits and seeds which can be mixed together and applied to the face can give your skin a healthy glow and shine.

We know that these tips need time and continuation to achieve desired results. But those who want to get up in the morning with glowing skin and face and don’t have time to follow these tips can also go for permanent make-up which includes permanent liner, permanent lip liner, eyebrows done by skilled practitioners and cosmetologists. This can be a one time investment who wants a permanent beauty on their face.


Makeup is an essential part of woman’s appearance and she feels incomplete without it. A lot of women are fond of makeup and they never step out of house without wearing it because it makes them look beautiful and also boosts up their self confidence. But with the increasing age, their beauty starts losing its charm and the younger and smooth looking skin becomes flawless. To hide these flaws or scars from the skin, they make use of a large number of beauty products but it proves to be a very time consuming process.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

With the advancements in technology, permanent makeup has gain popularity among the women across the world. It has become the most effective solution for all the skin related issues and more and more people prefer it to save their time and effort in wearing makeup every time they step out of the house. Basically, it is an art of cosmetic tattooing in which a special ink is injected into skin to give your features a desirable shape. Most commonly it is done to give defined look to eyebrows and lips, remove wrinkles and blemishes from the skin and to treat acne permanently.

Permanent makeup is a technique that increases your natural beauty and makes you look beautiful and fresh all the time. This is an ideal way for those who want to save their time and money or just want to reinvent their beauty.